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튼튼한 뿌리를 내린 젊은 기업


랑세스는 바이엘이 설립된 1863년으로 그 기원을 거슬러 올라가는 튼튼한 뿌리를 가진 글로벌 기업입니다. 랑세스는 2005년 바이엘에서 독립 분사한 이래, 오랜 전통과 젊은 기업의 역동성을 바탕으로 특수화학기업으로 성장해왔습니다.


아래 연대표를 따라 마우스를 클릭하시면 랑세스의 성장 발자취를 보실 수 있습니다. 

07.Nov 2003

国特殊化学品集团 erz ertert

国特殊化学品集团rth rthr thrth

18.Mar 2004

LANXESS is the name

Announcement of the name LANXESS by the Board of Management: a combination of “lancer” (Fr.: to launch) and “success”.

27.Mar 2004

Presentation of the brand strategy

The clear logo and the striking corporate design emphasize the targeted approach. The slogan indeed summarizes the company’s mission concisely: “Energizing Chemistry”.

30.Apr 2004

Annual Stockholders’ Meeting

The Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of Bayer AG approves the concept for strategic realignment.

01.Jul 2004

LANXESS starts at the internal level

LANXESS introduces its new structure internally on July 1, 2004. An important milestone in the realignment of the Group is reached as a result. LANXESS can operate largely independently from now on. Information events about the launch of LANXESS are held in Leverkusen and in the country companies.