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8th Colored Concrete Works® Forum Korea

8th Colored Concrete Works Forum took place with great success in Seoul on March 5th, 2015. Latest case studies of colored concrete using Bayferrox®, including 2015 CCW Award winning projects, were well-received by Korean architects and industry experts.

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10 Years on the Stock Exchange

LANXESS is celebrating its first big anniversary – it went public ten years ago. An exciting decade with a lot of milestones.

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Modern building coloration

Bayferrox for "data highway" in Korea

Daum Space.1, Jeju Island, South Korea: A futuristic form of Nature. Virtuality has seldom found such structural expression as in the case of Daum Space.1, where the concept of a Data Highway has been applied to architecture in a most spectacular way.

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Experiment kits to support science education in Korea

Donation of 12 sets of experiment kits at Fun Chemistry World events held in 4 cities nationwide

LANXESS has been donating chemistry experiment kits to schools all over the world to support the teaching of science, as part of its global education initiative. In Korea, 12 kits were donated to 8 schools and science teacher groups in 4 cities that hosted the Fun Chemistry World events held by the Korea Responsible Care Council. Since 2008, LANXESS Korea has been sponsoring the Fun Chemistry World events, and its employees have been participating in as volunteers to help science teaching.

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Lightweight Solutions

Amazing products that make cars lighter

We produce innovative high-performance products - clever material combinations for many application possibilities. We also offer lightweight solutions with high quality but with the smallest weight.

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Good for business. Good for society.

Growth and entrepreneurial responsibility go hand in hand

LANXESS uses its know-how and experience to develop sustainable products and technologies that are friendly to the climate and the environment in the long term, increase value-added and at the same time improve people’s quality of life.

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Colored Concrete Works® Forum Korea

10 Years on the Stock Exchange

Case study

Bayferrox Pigments

Experiment kits donation

Committed to education

Lightweight Solutions


Corporate Responsibility

Good for business. Good for society.

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